I was going for Thundercats there, did you get it?

Read A Thon Button

So I’m in for the Read-a-Thon that Dewie is pulling together. I hesitated to join because I’m trying hard to write a lot, but I couldn’t resist for three reasons:
1. I have so many books in my TBR pile that I will soon not be able to get into my bathroom.
2. I find myself writing more fluidly when I’ve read a lot.
3. I want to help Reading is Fundamental, the charity that will receive proceeds of this event.

Proceeds, you ask? How do you get proceeds? Well, you get proceeds by asking people (hint – I’m asking you) to support you in your read-a-thon. You can pledge a certain amount for the number of books I read in 24 hours. You can pledge by pages. Or you can just make a flat donation. I would recommend a pledge of ten cents for every ten pages, but honestly, whatever you’d like to donate would be much appreciated. Just visit the Reading is Fundamental website and make your contribution and/or pledge here through comments with plans to contribute once the read-a-thon is over. Or if money is tight – and I know that feeling – consider writing your congresspeople about funding RIF this year. Whatever you decide to do in support of RIF, I’d love to hear about it. So post a comment.

My goal for the Read-A-Thon is to raise $100 for RIF. Please help me do it by contributing, sending emails to Congress, and by spreading the word. And if you’re not already signed up for the Read-A-Thon, please consider doing so by following this link. There are great prizes, and you get a great feeling of accomplishment at the end.

This week, I”ll be posting reading facts and my intended reading list – this is a complicated task – for the weekend. So keep checking in to see the latest developments.

Meanwhile, keep your eyes peeled to my blog – and the blogs of many others – on June 28-29. I’ll be updating throughout the day and will even have some giveaways myself.

Thanks for your support (I do love my Bartles and James.)!