First, let me say a big thank you for my brother, Jeremy, who revised my website for me. He’s a great man, and I’m blessed to have him for a brother. He’s also a very good web designer and a great composer. Check out his website and share your thoughts with him. And please, let use know what you think of this revised website.

Now for the Weekly Geeks challenge. This one is tough for me because I do not have a digital camera. It’s on my list, but not at the top of things – stain for the deck is more pressing at this moment – so I’ll have to make do with what I have – the internet. Here are a few images that I’ve found that I really love:
From Peter Vanallen
by Peter Vanallen.

By Peter Vanallen
by Peter Vanallen

by Mortimer?
by Mortimer?

I found all of these images by searching “hope” in flickr. I find myself wanting to be inspired these days, perhaps because I’m writing well for once. So I hope these images also inspire you.