Thank you to all of you for your continued comments on my blog, on my absence, on my book redirection. I really appreciate all your support in the various ways that it comes.

So the trip to Omega was amazing. I got time to slow down and participated in programs and practices that helped me re-find myself again. In fact, it took me almost 100 pages of freewriting things like “I’m tired. What do I think of this process? I’m sleeping in a tent.” to get to the real stuff. I just needed a mind dump, so that I could dig out my own heart and spirit from beneath the mess of thought. Anybody know that feeling?

The book I was working on – the one on ghosts – has taken on a whole new tack. I’m not ready to talk about it yet – trying to save up the energy on it so that I can get a better grip on it for myself – but it will use the research I’ve been doing and take it to a more genuine place for me. In fact, it’s a piece of writing that I’ve been working on for a long time now but didn’t even know it. I’ve been working through these ideas and considerations for years, only to finally realize that this is truly what I was trying to get at through the ghost stuff. It’s pretty amazing. (Stu, don’t worry – this isn’t a case of the grass is greener, although that’s an excellent caution – it’s actually a situation where I was trying to swallow iron, and now I’m actually swallowing grass – okay, so not the best metaphor, but I hope you get what I mean).

All in all, the week was amazing. I ate glorious vegetarian food all week – had a dessert of rice millet bread spread with fresh preserves each day. Met wonderful people who were not afraid to be vulnerable. Pitched a tent by myself for the first time and lived through a pretty ferocious thunderstorm in it. . . it’s really wonderful to watch a thunderstorm from a tent. Watched Laraine Herring wow me every day with her teaching and her self (if you ever can take a class with her – she’s teaching at Kripalu in January – do it; it’s worth it, even if you’re not ever wanting to write more than just for yourself).

I’m sure I”ll keep writing about this experience for a while, so I hope you’ll bear with me. And I hope that each of you gets to go to a place where you can hear yourself and hear God speak. It’s amazing.

Now off to read a few blogs.