Big news – I’m ditching the ghost book idea for now. I need to be truer to who I am, and that isn’t it for now.
I have no idea where I”ll go – I’m trying to learn to be okay with uncertainty.

But for this development and redirection, I’m so grateful. This workshop has been wonderful at helping me get back to myself.

Today, I sat by a beautiful lake for three hours just reading and staring off into space. While I was there, two groups of geese with parents and goslings came charging down the way – not two feet from me – necks all crunched and gangly – hellbent on the lake because a small child had come running at them in his own enthusiasm to reach the water. It was great. Just what I needed.

More later when I’m back and people aren’t chomping at the bit – like those geese – to get on the internet.