So I’ve been reading a lot this week; it’s been amazing. In addition to reading the first three books in Stephenie Meyer’s Twilight saga, I’ve almost finished Sherman Alexie’s The Absolutely True Diary of Part-Time Indian (review coming soon); plus, I’m reading Emmett James’ Admit One, which is proving to be quite good and entertaining.
I’ve also been reading this great book called New Way to Be Human by Christian recording artist and produce Charlie Peacock. This books captures a lot of what I believe about Christianity – that we need to be less rule-bound (while still living lives of God) and more excited and invested in loving God and others. He’s the kind of Jesus follower I’d like to be – one who speaks and lives the truth and loves all people all the time. That’s a goal to shoot for.

I’ve also been thinking a lot about future dreams, and I’m trying to live into those, too. My hope is to one day in the not too distant future have a house where people can come and recharge their energy – a retreat center without programs, I guess you could say. I will have a huge library, land to hike on, a kitchen stocked with healthy, homegrown foods, and a place for friends (including all of you) to come and just rest from the frenzy of life. I’ve been thinking and praying about that a lot this week, and I’m getting pretty excited. Anybody want to come?

So I’m heading off with my books and my dreams this week and taking five days to do a writing course at the Omega Institute. The course is “Writing Begins with the Breath” taught by Laraine Herring, and it will incorporate yoga (something else I love) with writing. I hope to make some progress on the ghost book, which is turning into more an exploration of the mystery of life, and on my own thinking this week. I”ll be camping up in Rhinebeck, NY, in the Hudson River Valley. One of my favorite groups of painters is the Hudson River School, so I’m hoping that I’ll be inspired by that kind of scenery.

On that note, I leave you with this image and wishes for a great week. See you on Saturday.
George Inness' Red Oaks
“Morning, Catskill Valley (The Red Oaks)” by George Inness