Someone – I can’t remember which blogger it was – posted the trailer to the film Twilight a couple of months ago. I watched it, thought it looked interesting, and decided I needed to get the book. I’ve been trying to get it from the library for weeks, to no avail, and now I see why. I bought the book, read it in two days, and then bought the other two and read those in less than a week. 1500 pages in 6 days – I haven’t read like that in a while.

All in all, I – obviously – loved the books. I find the plot line captivating – if a bit hard to explain to people without sounding ludicrous – vampire boyfriend and werewolf best friend just doesn’t convey sophistication. But the books were quite sophisticated, at least to me. Nothing was simple; characters were full (at least for the most part – although some of the Cullens could have been fleshed out more, if you’ll pardon the pun); plots were complicated; and Meyer’s sense of storytelling complexity is great.

Spoiler Alert – Stop Reading Here
I did think that Twilight was the best of the three books. It’s been a really long time since I read something about love or romance that made my chest ache, but this did. But not because of the romance – but instead because of the complications of that romance; there’s something about this story that strikes me as so real, even though it’s about vampires. Also, Meyer’s ability to create likable characters – people who play baseball during thunder storms – without making them too mythical was quite adept.
New Moon was also very good, but I did get a bit bogged down in the tedium of Bella and Jacob’s friendship. The plot just slowed down a bit there for me – maybe simply because I was waiting for Edward to come back – that seemed entirely inevitable in my mind.
Eclipse was better in terms of pacing – more action, more complexity, and I found the myths of the werewolves to be absolutely gripping – but then it was the mythical component of this series – the long history that it delved into and the way it played with those myths to make them both more powerful and less trite – that held my interest. I’m not sure how I feel about Bella confessing her love to Jacob or about how easily Edward takes that. I’m not sure I buy that plot development – what did you guys think of that?
But I will read the next and final book (visit here for info on Breaking Dawn if you want it), and I hope it will give me more of what I’ve loved – a great romance, a wonderful heroine who is both so human and so mysterious, and a well-paced plot that keeps me reading.

Now that I’ve written all that, I feel like I’ve made the books seem less powerful than they are for me at this moment. My mind is full of this world now; I’m even dreaming these characters. So there’s something there – something that I honestly haven’t inhabited in books since I was reading The Lord of the Rings trilogy (and I’m not saying that these books are THAT good, just good). So I have to say that I loved these books, would highly recommend them, and would also recommend that you read them only when you can give them time – I stayed up until 3 last night finishing Eclipse.

What did you guys think? Do share.

As for my writing, it’s going – slowly but surely. I didn’t do much putting words on the page while I was away, but I did some good thinking. I have a general idea in mind now, and I’m going to keep writing my notes, reading my books, and plugging away. It’s slow going, but it’s going at least.