Two colleagues and I are putting together a textbook collection, and I’d love your feedback on what should be included in the way of creative nonfiction. We’re trying to put together a contemporary collection that is as comprehensive in terms of style and genre (i.e. travel writing, nature writing, memoir, etc) in approximately 120 pages.
Here are my ideas so far. I’d love your feedback on writers, titles, or additions. Are there people that must be included? Those that shouldn’t be included? Essays that should be avoided?
What do you think?
Joan Didion – “On Going Home”
Annie Dillard – “Living Like Weasels” or “Total Eclipse”
E B White – anyone have a suggestion besides “Once More to the Lake”
JoAnn Beard – “The Fourth State of Matter”
Jonathan Franzen – “My Father’s Brain”
Sebastian Junger – “The Lion in Winter”
Sarah Vowell – Any title suggestions?
Anne Lamott – “Gypsies”
Pico Iyer – any suggestions besides the one about the airport
Diane Ackerman – “The Moon by Whale Light”

I was also thinking about Bernard Cooper’s “Capiche?,” David Sedaris’ “Cyclops,” and something by Edward Hoagland.

I’d love to hear your thoughts. Thanks so much.