I started writing yesterday – and by that I mean, I read a lot and wrote a little -but at least I wrote a little. And it seems God was happy with that because I got something published – these things never work this way, right?
So here’s what happened. I’d been working on interview with Sharman Apt Russell for two years now – we started it when her last book came out, and she has another book coming out in July (the kind among you will not point out that she wrote two books in the time it took me to publish one interview with her). She and I had been emailing back and forth; I had queried a bunch of places, and finally someone bit – after I followed-up with them and found out they never received my original query . . . So my interview with Sharman will be published in the July/August issue of Science and Spirit Magazine. I tell you this not to brag (the interview is good because of Sharman’s loveliness), but as an encouragement that sometimes these things do happen. . . so keep writing. (And read Sharman’s book – my review is here – if you’re interested in nature, pantheism, good writing, etc.)

Sometimes it’s not just writing that comes out of the woodwork but stories, too . . . I’m working on this ghost book, right? And suddenly, maybe it’s because I’m paying attention now, people have stories to tell me – children that have appeared to them, people who can tell the future, individuals who can help the dying – This stuff is great – like this morning, I came across (thanks to Google Alerts) this hysterical post from Life at the Whyte House about a woman and her mother watching ghost shows. Do any of you have any ghost/psychic stories you’d like to share? I’d love to hear them – post them in comments or shoot me an email.