I pride myself on being a woman without a routine, and I guess that’s kind of true – EXCEPT (you knew that was coming right) in the morning . . . Typically, in the morning, I wake up, tap on the computer as I pass it, feed the cat, make coffee, and then sit down to blog and read blogs for a bit . . . That’s my school day routine, when I only have an hour or so before I have to head to work.
Now I need to make up a writing day routine, and I’m not sure how that’s going to go yet. I’m a person who needs to be in her own head to write – not too much outside influence – but I also need inspiration and accountability (something I find in reading other people’s blogs – anybody else have that experience?) to actually do it. . .
So here’s what I’m going to try today, as soon soon as I post this – I’m going to shower and dress (that may or may not be typical); then I’m going to set myself up in my office (I’ve been blogging from my sofa) with a candle, coffee, books, and paper; then, I’m going to write (probably using Goldberg’s new book); then, I have business to take care of (reading lists to make, submissions to send, etc). Somewhere in there I need to read, maybe before I write, but who knows?
What I do know is that writing and reading are reciprocal parts of the same process for me? However, I can read all day – and will if someone lets me – because I really hate writing. To be more specific, I hate to start writing. Some times I actually sink into the process and love it, and I always appreciate it when I’m done . . . but I do hate the starting part. Does anyone else feel that way?
And so, I blather on here – avoiding starting – but I will end now – just by asking what parts of writing do you love, hate, avoid, jump into? Where do writing and reading intersect for you? What ways do you hold yourself accountable to actually write?

I’m done now – off to write . . . no, really, I’m going now. . . okay . . . now . . . bye.