Writing this week has consisted of blog posts, comments on student portfolios, and snippy notes written to colleagues during our end of the semester on-slaught of meetings (I’m off to another in a few minutes), so I have not moved forward very far in my goals.
However, next week, I will. I want to spend three-four hours a day working on my book. Some of that time will be writing – at least an hour – but a lot of it will be reading since I feel like I need to immerse myself more in ghost literature (is that even a category?) before I write too much. So there it is, my goal for the summer – 3-4 hours a day. Feel free to pester me about that.

Plus, if you have supernatural or ghost literature to recommend, please do. I’d be particularly interested in reading anything about how people reconcile (or don’t) traditional Christian beliefs with a belief in ghosts. And if you know memoirs that involve ghosts, those would be great to read, too. Recommend away.

Happy Friday.