Maud clued me into today to the fact that the Oxford English Dictionary will soon only be available in an online version. This is very sad news for me, since I’ve always used the print OED as my reward for when I publish my first book. What will I do now, bookmark the website?

So Kim at Bold, Blue, Adventure has a great meme about blogging tips (which includes – in addition to great advice from great people – a giveaway), and I thought I’d share. My tip would be that you write about whatever you’d like. Some bloggers recommend that you stick clearly with a theme – books, writing, teaching (those are my three mega-themes) – and that’s certainly true to an extent. But sometimes, my favorite posts are those that are about a blogger’s life. (For an example, see Stefanie’s post Me and Mike.) These little stories remind me of conversations over coffee. A friend or two gathers to chat about their reading or their writing, to help one another, and the conversation ends up being about the way that the neighbor mows her law, or the movie you’ve just seen. These tangents make our blogs be about life, real life, something that I know I crave in an ever-more specialized and fast-paced world. So tell your stories – I’ll read them. (P.S. Nymeth, your tip is great, and I’m going to see what I can do to make my blog more navigable, once the semester is over tomorrow.)

On this, the day when I will finally finish my grading for the semester, I bring you this hysterical post from Stuff White People Like – Grammar. Fess up, you know some of you are like this, even if you’re not white. I know I am. . . I used to fume over a sign at the Borders where I worked that said “Unpaid merchandise may not be taken into the restroom.” I always wondered who was paying the merchandise . . .

Great days to all.