Today, I am thrilled to say that I’m giving my last final today. The students and I need a break.

My thoughts today are about the way books have been turned into films. Two nights ago I watched The Golden Compass and expected great things, only to be disappointed. The cast was great, and I thought the daemons looked wonderful – but I was very frustrated because I felt like they changed more about the book that was necessary for the film. That hopeful ending (not too give too much away) changed the whole tenor for me. Has anyone else read and seen it? What do you think?

But then last night, I watched Into the Wild and loved it. Chris McCandless’ story is so powerful, and I thought Emile Hirsch was great. The film seemed to capture both the glory and the tragedy of McCandless’ choices. Any thoughts?

So what do you think about film versions of movies? I’m almost always disappointed in a film if I read the book first – and I always try to read the books first. Have you guys seen film versions of books that you love? Which was better? Do share.