Short post today because I have a stack of research papers to grade by 2pm. Wish me luck.

C.B. over at Ready When You Are, C.B. tagged me to participate in a “six things you don’t know about me” post, so here goes:
1. My first three jobs out of college, which I worked at the same time for a short while were as a bookstore clerk (shocker there, I know), an after-school care director for the YMCA, and a fundraiser for the United Way. I ended up keeping the United Way job.
2. I cried every time I left my mom for the first 12 years of my life. At age 13, as my mom says, I made a transition and haven’t looked back when leaving her since (that’s not really true, but you get the picture.)
3. I have a huge crush on Jason Bateman.
4. One of my favorite books is this one that I read as a child. It was about a girl who finds out that she has a twin that she didn’t know about. I can’t remember the name of the book, but I believe it had a blue cover, and if I could get back into Hazlewood Elem, I could probably still find it on the bookshelf. (Anyone have any ideas?)
5. I love doing puzzles. The more complicated the better.
6. I have a huge love of basset hounds (C.B., I’m coming by) so much so that my mom even got me a ceramic basset hound when I couldn’t have a real one. Sadly, my dog Amble (not a basset) ate part of Harvey, the ceramic basset hound.

I’m now up for “you’re it.” So I tag:
1. TJ
2. Andi
3. Kim
4. Gayle
5. Laraine
6. Julie

Participate if you will and thanks, C.B.

Great days for all, especially Kim and Andi, who joined me in having a rather wretched day yesterday. Off to the last day before the final weekend of the semester!!! Yeeah! (To get my level of emotion on that “yeah” think of Snoopy when he gets good news!)