So I spent yesterday thinking about Earth Day (not to mention the Pennsylvania Primary – here’s to hoping Obama pulls it out in Indiana and North Carolina – and that this nomination will finally be decided), so I didn’t get a post up on Earth Day itself. But better late than never, right?

Here’s some great stuff I’ve found in all the gorgeous Earth Day Posts.

First, thanks to Andi of Tripping Toward Lucidity for the link to Eco-Libris – an organization that helps you balance out your book purchases by planting trees. . . Give a $1 for each book you read (or a portion thereof), and they’ll plant a tree for every dollar. (And for all you Book Moochers out there – they have a special Book Mooch arrangement where you can get points for planting trees.)

Andi (I know, this name thing is confusing) is offering a great Earth day-related giveaway. Visit her post for more info.

For a bit of environmental fun (not to mention a beautiful tribute to Jimmy Carter), visit novelist Gayle Brandeis’ blog.

To see (for all your visual learners out there) some gorgeous photos of earth to help us all appreciate what we have, stop by the Wired Science blog. I loved this picture of the Ganges River Delta.
Ganges River Delta (from Wired Science)
These are the kind of photos that make great desk-top images or screensavers – little reminders of what we’ve got going for us on our planet.

Finally, for some other great resources on saving ourselves, check out Conservation International. They’ll give you a reason to feel a bit better if, like me, Starbucks may be the only coffee game in town.

Meanwhile, reuse, reduce, recycle . . . recycle, recycle, recycle. . . I’m always thrilled to see bloggers giving away their used books. It’s a small thing that us bookish people can do.

Have a great day.