In the morning, I will not remember all these great things I’ve read tonight, so I’m posting them now.

First, check out this great write-up on Denis Johnson at Paper Cuts. I’ve loved Johnson since I read Jesus’ Son, and while I haven’t read Tree of Smoke, it’s on my list.

Secondly, I found out a glorious fact – students do read, willingly it seems (pardons to the few of my students who actually do read – I know some of you do). Thanks to The Literate Kitten for the link to this write-up.

If you’re interested in politics at all, look at Andi’s great post on what she’s concerned about.

Also, if you’re looking for yet another blog for your roll, welcome TJ to our fold. . . he promises randomness and beauty – what could be better.

Finally, some giveaways.
1. Check out Bold. Blue. Adventure. to celebrate Kim’s 100th post. Comment and get a chance to win.

2. The Literate Feline is also giving away some good stuff. Stop in there, too.

3. Check out my Memoir Challenge for a chance to win.