This morning I’m off to a be a pronouncer for the third and fourth graders at the Cecil County Spelling Bee (I’d give you a link, but we’re a small county without web pages for everything). I love doing this thing because it’s fun to see kids involved in education, a nice change when I often feel like my own students aren’t involved. I also like it because I get to put on a TV newscaster-ish voice to say things like “elephant,” hitting hard on that last T. Last year, I had pronounced for the little ones, first and second grade, and it was great – but so hard to see them cry when they misspelled a word. But in honor of the greatest of spelling bees, check out the link for the Scripps National Bee, which is coming up in May, and watch the action (should you have cable) on ESPN. Spelling is sport.

Here, in my little corner of Maryland, it’s the perfect spring day. The grass is greening up; my tulips are blooming; the birds sound like their heads will pop off with song. So I’m hoping that after the bee (another springy image), I’ll get to work in my postage stamp yard for a bit. I always lather on sunscreen to be outside – my mom had malignant melanoma skin cancer twice – but despite the UV protection, I always find myself feeling better after I’ve been in the sun. So I did a little reading on the benefits of sunshine, courtesy the BBC. It seem sunshine can:
help protect you from cancer of the breast, stomach and prostate
provide you with Vitamin D to strengthen immunity and bones (this one I did know)
and lift your mood.
Of course the page does go on to talk about the dangers, but if you put on that wide-brimmed hat, you’re in good shape.

So, today, Madam Mayo has some links about best and worst practices in blogging, and one tip she provides it to talk less about myself and give good links. So here’s one she recommends – the website of writer Tayari Jones. I love this woman already because she, too, like many of us can spend an entire day on the internet.

And in the interest of just great stuff on the web, I point you to two sites:
1. I Can Haz Cheeseburger – great funny animal photos for all your animal lovers (thanks to my brother, Jeremy, for this one).
2. Stuff White People Like – I find this one so funny, probably because it’s true of me and because, like a lot of good humor, it plays the stereotypes so well. (Thanks to Cate for this one.) The most recent post – RUGBY.

Remember, today’s the last day to post your list of favorites to win one of my favorite books. Original post here.