My friend Sarah and I were having a conversation yesterday about how it’s so easy to become negative, and I know that’s true for me. So today, in the spirit of positivity – not the sappy, fake kind – but the kind that embraces that most of the stuff we go through in this life – no matter how truly painful or glorious – isn’t important, I post these random thoughts on new stuff I’ve found and old stuff I’ve known – stuff that I love.

This new book by Amanda Marcotte – The Feminist Survival Guide to Politically Inhospitable Environments. I’m planning to put this one on the TBR read list because the Powell’s Review promises:
Offering suggestions for how to deal with more than 50 sticky situations regularly faced by women, It’s a Jungle Out There arms readers with the rhetorical ammunition necessary to stand up to a culture that can be downright hostile to feminists. Although she strives to show readers how to spot and resist sexism, Marcotte also acknowledges that it’s not always advisable to lecture coworkers about the patriarchy or pick a fight with your wingnut uncle. Her strategies range from the passive (simply extricating yourself from an inflammatory conversation) to the very active (systemically eviscerating your opponent’s argument, as she does in her chapter about abortion myths). And when it comes to the dreaded wedding-bouquet toss, she suggests the obvious: a well-timed bathroom break.
Now if only I can find books that do the same thing for racist comments and for comments about other people’s, or my, religion.
Cover of Amanda Marcotte's Book

Shawn McDonald
– a great singer/songwriter that my yoga teacher introduced me to. His song “Beautiful” . . . just really is beautiful. It’s been a while since I found a song about God that rings true, not simplistic or trite. And then, his new album Roots is lovely, too.

Macaroni and Cheese – Need I say more.

A Striped Armchair, Eloise by the BookPiles, Leafing Through Life, 1 More Chapter, and all the other great literary blogs – they help me stay connected to ideas and to people who love them. Thanks to all of you.

So now, a challenge for all of you. Make a list of your favorite things and post it here – or post it on your own blog and mention that post here – and I”ll draw a winner from all the posts and send a copy of one of these books – all my favorites – to the winner:
The Lion, The Witch, and the Wardrobe by C.S. Lewis
Possession by A.S. Byatt
Traveling Mercies by Anne Lamott
or House by Tracy Kidder
Post your thoughts by Saturday, April 12th to qualify for the book giveaway.

I look forward to seeing everyone’s favorites. And I hope you enjoy thinking of them. Anybody adore “raindrops on roses” or “whiskers on kittens?”

I’m off to church – one of my other favorite things.


P.S. Thanks to Stefanie (and her cat) at So Many Books for my win of Margaret Atwood’s The Door.