Today, I’m having a day. Nothing bad, nothing good . . . just a day. And on days, I have trouble thinking. I don’t process well, so forgive me if this post is a bit disjointed.

Today, I got information from a Google Alert about “Ghosts” for the book I’m writing. (Anyone have thoughts on ghosts that they want to share?), and on The Great Consolidation, I found this amazing video by Laura Marling. I have never heard of her until now, but her voice reminds me a Ingrid Michaelson meets Kate Nash – never a bad thing. You can learn about her and watch her video “Ghosts” here.

Then, as I was doing my usual perusal of my ever-growing list of blogs, I found mention of the Early Reviewers program from Library Thing. Oh man! Free books. I’m giddy, so I signed up. (Thanks to Eloise for the tip.)

So then I kept bouncing around the web and found this stuff – check out Estella’s Revenge – their newest issue is great.

And then finally, some giveaways. Check out Nymeth’s page, Stainless Steel Droppings to win a Brain Froud poster, visit Heather whose system of picking winners amazes and astounds, see Wendy’s page to see a wise use of recycling as we approach Earth Day, to win Atwood poetry visit Stefanie at So Many Books, etc. — there are so many giveaways that I feel like I’m losing track, and in fact, I think I have because I think I told someone, via comment, that I’d post about their giveaway today, and I’m not sure if I have. So if I made that promise to you, please let me know, and if you have giveaways, brilliant thoughts, or are just plain feeling random, please post away.

In a final thought, I’ve started Stardust for the Once Upon a Time Challenge, and it’s great. I also got, for the same challenge, my copies of Atwood’s Penelopiad and Winterson’s Weight. Now if only I could get time to read them.

On that note, I’m off. Have a great day.