So I have to grade a whole bunch of papers this morning, so I’m going to just try to connect you with some great stuff I’ve found around the web.

First and foremost, this week is Buy a Friend a Book Week. What a wonderful invention – like Mother’s Day – to get people to buy books. Of course, I recommend you buy your books from an independent store – say Powell’s or The Strand. Or grab one at a yard sale – as my friend Sarah did with Good Grief last week. But just buy one, doggoneit. Make somebody happy for no reason.
Sticker of Buy a Friend a Book Week

If you’re looking for a good book to pre-order, check out Marie Mutsuki Mockett‘s new novel Picking Bones from Ash, which will be out next year from Graywolf. (Thanks, Maud, for the tip.)

The Tournament of Books wrapped up yesterday, AND THE WINNER IS the book I chose – The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao. This will be my next book purchase, so if you want to read along, please do. And let me know what you think.

Check out Madam Mayo’s comments on her second anniversary of blogging. My favorite insight from her post? “Blogging (and balancing blogging with my other writing, and the ever-roaring cascade of e-mails, etc, etc.) requires increasingly advanced time-management skills.” Can I get an AMEN to that?

For a good read that will make you acquiesce to all your own quirks, look at my eerily-similarly-lived blogging cohort Andi’s post on The Finicky Reader.

To see some of the latest book giveaways, visit My Own Little Reading Room.

I’ve been waiting to announce this for absolutely no good reason except that I’m not always a big fan of writers who toot their own horns on their blogs. But here I am tooting away (read that the way I meant it, not the way it sounded, okay?). South Loop Review has agreed to publish my essay “Shaving My Mother’s Head” in their September edition. Look for it then (I’ll try to remind you.)

Finally, one of my students – Joe – has started his own blog. For anyone who has worked food service or anyone who has been inspired by the craziest stuff at her job (Bookstore work comes to mind for me), Joe’s thoughts should ring true.

Enjoy your day and happy surfing.