Saturday, 8:52am – and spring is here — the sun has that glorious shininess that it only gets in spring, after the tinny grayness of winter and before the fuzziness of summer. It’s great.

And so to that end, I’m doing yardwork today. Next to reading, writing, and perhaps sewing, yardwork is my favorite activity. It makes me feel productive, and when I plant things – as I will today (peas, carrots, radishes, Nandina bushes, and some very late, late tulips) – I know they will last. So few things in life really last.
That’s part of why I write, too. To produce something, to have something linger in the world beyond the moment. Don’t get me wrong – this world is not something I really want to linger in myself. But sometimes, when everything seems so ephemeral, when relationships, time, even books, whiz past me, I think – it would be nice if something was permanent. It would be nice.

But nothing is, of course, and so I do what I can. I keep in touch with people, I make notes on the books I read, and I plant. There are worse things, I suppose.


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P.P.S Look for my thoughts on The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time soon. Maybe even tomorrow.