So I have this glorious week of freedom floating ahead of me, tarnished only by my still-sick kitty who comes home tomorrow and a relationship’s end that has left me feeling empty – but still, I’m excited about having a whole week with only a few papers to grade, a few emails to answer, and only two meetings to attend.

I’m going to finish up reading The Ghost Writer by John Harwood. It’s something I randomly picked up at the library when looking for something light and distracting to read. I found just that, except that I keep reading it before I go to sleep, and as much as I love ghost stories, this isn’t the best move when I’m in a house by myself.

I also want to finish up Sharman Apt Russell’s Standing in the Light, her new book that is due out in June. (Thanks, Sharman, for the early read.) It’s thoughtful, encourages me to get outside in this gorgeous spring, and pushes me to see the divine in what is around me. I’d put it on your “pre-order list.

I have other things to read, too – two towers by my bed in fact – including Dan Kennedy’s Rock On: An Office Power Ballad and The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion.

As for writing, I need to finish up an interview with Russell and put some of my shorter work out into the universe. I also need to plow through some more reading and writing about ghosts.

All in all, it’s a busy but open week. I love that.