So, while none of these things may seem connected – they are – at least for me. As I blog this morning, I’m looking forward to this last day of work before break; I’m looking forward to actually dusting my whole house, not just the parts people will see; I’m looking forward to seeing if I can balance my checkbook well enough that I know I can get a haircut without overdrawing; and I’m looking forward to entering lots of free book giveaways to see if I can win some free books.

For those new to blogging, you may not know that bloggers often give books away. I’m no exception. So before I tell you where else you can get free books, here’s my own book contest. Post a comment to my blog before March 23rd, the ceremonially sad end to my spring break, and I’ll send you a copy of How to Read Literature Like a Professor, in honor of my return to teaching. From vampires to Clint Eastwood to James Baldwin – it’s a great read. So post away, and I’ll randomly select (by pulling a name from the cat-sized divet in my bean bag chair) one winner. Be sure to post your email address (i.e. andilit [at] – to avoid spammers) so that I can contact you if you win.

Now for other book give-aways. First, check out Booking Mama for a chance to win The Woman Who Is Always Tan and Has a Flat Stomach by Lauren Allison and Lisa Perry. I really want to win this one myself because I’m feeling the need to be particularly bitter today.

To win lovely package of books from Simon and Schuster, including Fake Boyfriend by Kate Brian, check out The Page Flipper’s post and send an email.

For more giveaways, see Eva’s post at The Striped Armchair.

Happy entering. Happy Spring Break. Happy Day.

P.S. For an interesting discussion of the future of the book, visit Eloise by the Bookpiles to read about The Open Library, where they are digitizing old texts that will be available for free.