Okay, so even though I gave up TV formally a few weeks ago, I’m going to make a confession and tell you that I’m still watching episodes of TV on DVD. I’m just finding it very difficult, especially the last few days when I had to put my cat into emergency surgery, to come home and read after a day of nothing but reading and commenting on student writing. My mind just needs a shift.
So my lovely friend Sarah loaned me Season 1 of the show Lost (Caution – do not visit this website if, like me, you aren’t up to Season 4 of the show – when I loaded it, I saw people I didn’t recognize – aaagh!) and I’ve watched about 10 episodes now. Once I got past the fact that one of the hobbits (Dominic Monaghan) from The Lord of the Rings was in it, I really got wrapped up (I fully admit this is because watching people trapped on an island after a plane crash makes my problems look small), and now I find myself catching themes – several episodes start with the camera lens on someone’s eye, thereby emphasizing individual sight – that make me able to engage with the show much as I would a book.

The structure is very interesting with a plot line running through a particular episode – i.e. the survivors need to find water – but then interspersed with flashbacks about a certain character’s life (actual a specific scene in a certain character’s life) before the crash. This pattern makes for both a feeling of mystery as I remember that I don’t know much about these folks as well as insightfulness as I realize that I know more about them than the other characters on the island. But I don’t want to overanalyze it too much. . . after all, sometimes it’s just nice to enjoy something, and it seems that I can do that with TV in a way that I may never get back with books since I always read them to see what I can learn.

I’m not sure I’ll ever be as much of a fan as Sarah, who checks the message boards and such regularly, but I’m definitely enjoying it and think that I will only enjoy it more. So if you need a break from words on a page, check out Lost. It’s a bit of relaxation time well-spent. Thanks, Sarah.

P.S. Thanks to Madam Mayo for putting me onto David Rothenberg’s music with the whales. Seeing whales in the wild off the coast of San Francisco was the most amazing experience I’ve ever had in nature, and just watching video of them nearly brings me to tears.