Yesterday, I was listening to Weekend America, on the great Sirius radio my parents got me for Christmas, and they were playing their segment “What Is the Soundtrack to Your Weekend?” (yesterday, they played “There Goes the Fear” by The Doves). As I listened, I started to think how important music is in my life. I don’t think there’s anything that can adjust my mood like music can.

I imagine I have this affinity for music because of my mom and dad. My mom has always been involved with music, especially at church and as a piano teacher, and my dad has a great appreciation for music, especially the lovely John Denver. For a while in college, I even thought I’d go into music – inspired by the appearance of Christian rocker Tony Vincent at Messiah. That faded quickly as I realized I didn’t have that much talent or the desire to develop it. My brother, however, did become a very good composer (

I realize that if I simply turn on music – right now I’m listening to Donavon Frankenreiter – I can really make it through anything. A stack of papers, a sad conversation, a sick cat, the grand horizon of writing a book.

I’m off to sink into a good song (and a bunch of student essays) and enjoy my morning. Hope you enjoy yours.