So, since I started this site, I’ve found myself reading more and more blogs, almost on a daily basis. At present, I have nine in my bookmarks toolbar, and I check each of those almost everyday because in my life I don’t get to talk about books or creative writing very often (I do get to talk about commas and subject-verb agreement every day, however. . . . joy, joy.) And while I am blessed to teach a creative writing class that is made up of talented students (students, are you reading this?), it’s not the same to teach someone to write as it is to discuss your own writing. So I turn to blogs.

Some of my favorites include BookChase, which is kept up by Sam Houston, a man who must read books the way I eat Reese’s peanut butter cups. I also love Grumpy Old Bookman, whose keeper, Michael Allen, elucidates the practices of publishing, writing, and award-giving (read his entry on the Booker Prize) with just the right balance of venom and wisdom. BookNinja is bitter and pissed off and brilliant, especially on all things Potter (I love Harry, but I also like to see people tear Harry apart – I’m odd that way.) And lest you think I read only men’s blogs, I once again recommend Maud Newton’s loveliness and Gayle Brandeis’ juicy tidbits.

In these blogs I get people’s perspectives from other places – Canada, New York, England, Los Angeles. And while I wish I spoke other languages (I’m working on Russian but am not up to blog speed yet), at least I get a bit more literary info from other locations.

But most of all, I feel like I’m checking in with old friends, laughing at their latest jokes, commiserating over how we may never win the Nobel if we’re being compared to Doris Lessing, and learning how to do this thing called being a writer. It’s a good life if lonely at times, and I appreciate having blogs to stave off that loneliness a bit.

Be forewarned, however. They are addictive . . .and so I’m off to go check in with everyone again.