I just finished reading Brandeis’ newest novel Self-Storage, and I’m on fire like I haven’t been for words in a while. Maybe it’s that I read the book in two days because it was that interesting; or maybe it’s that Brandeis keeps the novel well-paced, always interesting, and complex – whatever it is, I loved this book.
She successfully weaves together a first-person narrator’s story of her life as a mother, odd entrepreneur, and personal activist (read the book to see what I mean) into a story that I can relate to without having kids, running a business or ever taking much political action. I saw myself in each of her characters and then hated/loved/sighed at the other characters with each character. No one is given reprieve, and no one is condemned in this novel. It’s lovely.
So go to and get a copy of Gayle’s book.

Self-Storage by Gayle Brandeis – Cover of Self-Storage