Obviously, if you’re reading my blog, then you’re already familiar with blogging, but if you’re one of my friends or family that checks into my website because you love, this idea of blogging may be new to you. So I’m here to say, get on the blog bandwagon; it’ll make you feel good (do I sound like a drug pusher or what?)

Recently, I’ve added several blogs (Maud Newton, Bookninja, Book World, and the RSS feeds for the New York Times and LA Times) to my favorites bar, and each morning I peel through their RSS listings (see whatisrss.com for a great explanation of the term).

Just today I’ve discovered several things:
1. McSweeney’s (Dave Egger’s publishing house) is running a big Ebay auction to recuperate money lost in a bankruptcy problem. See Maud Newton’s post for the link.
2. The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron may have more for me as a writer than I thought it did. See Sandra’s post.
3. Jose Saramago’s amazing book Blindness has been turned into a film that will star Julianne Moore. Now I have something more to be excited about. Thanks Bookninja.

So all that is to say that spending a few moments scanning the blogs listed on this website or others you discover is well worth a few minutes.

But beware, they could suck you in and have you surfing for hours; I suggest setting a time limit lest you never read anything on paper ever again