This week I finished Book by Book: Notes on Reading and Life by Washington Post reviewer Michael Dirda, and I’ve never felt less well-read and more well-read in my life. I finished this commonplace books that’s full of quotes and reflections, and I thought – I get most of that; most of those ideas make great sense to me – and then I thought – I haven’t read 90% of the books he mentioned in there; I’m so behind. That paradox seems like a good thing for me, humility and confidence balled up in one. Now if I can only keep that balance.
Pick up this book and scan his lists of recommended readings on topics like love and death and education and childhood. You’ll be reminded of some of your favorites – Umberto Eco, E. Nesbit, C.S. Lewis, Yehuda Amicai – and you’ll learn about some folks you probably haven’t heard of, or then maybe you’re more well-read than I am. In any case, it’s a pleasurable read. Let me know what you think if you pick it up.

Book by Book by Michael Dirda – Henry Holt and Company Cover of Book by Book by Michael Dirda