Here I sit, the middle of the week during my spring break, and I’m trying to figure out when I can get to school to post mid-term grades, try to grade a few papers, and get some much-needed organizing done. And still here I sit.

I need a break, a real break. I feel a bit bad about that. Most people don’t get a full week off in the middle of the spring. Then again, most people don’t get a full summer off either.

And yet, I need this break. I put in, as most teachers do, about 60 hours of work a week. Some days I’m at the office (because I refuse to bring work home and so taint my home life with student grades) for fourteen hours a day. I constantly check email, even at home, and I spend many a waking hour, when I’m not even at school, planning out writing assignments, considering how I will structure a new course. I’m tired and need a break. Yet, I can’t fully take one. So even now, in the midst of spring break, I long for summer.

However, I know that come summer I will have two courses to teach, filing to complete, three new courses to write syllabi for. Even that time, won’t be a break. Alas . . .

All that whining aside, I’m a blessed girl. I get to do my work when I want it, less class time when it’s important that I actually show up at a given hour in a given place; I get to push myself to exhaustion on some days and sometimes (rarely but sometimes) take a weekday off; I get a few weeks of change, not necessarily vacation, at the holidays and in the spring, and I get summers of less every day work. I’m very fortunate.

But that said, I’m taking the rest of the day off from work – so that I can clean my house. Does it never end?