T’is The Season When Writing Feels Far Away

Tis the season . . . of crocheted animals for me.  For you, it make be the time of shopping or holiday parties or so much decorating that one more light, and you’re going to break a plastic reindeer leg. 

The holidays are my favorite time of year, partially because they require me to step out of my routine.  I can’t do my usual day. I want to make more time to socialize and drive the mountain hollows looking at lights.  I don’t want to stay lock-stepped in any routine this time of year.

But of course, this means something has to give, and right now, what’s giving is writing . . . and while I miss it, I’m okay with that.  The practice will be there when I come back after the first of the year.  It’ll take me a few days of fits and starts, but I”ll get there.  I will.

What I won’t do right now is blame the holiday season for my lack of writing.  I refuse. I have just as much time as I ever do, and I could choose different priorities to make time now. But I don’t want those priorities.

For me the holidays, specifically Christmas, has a certain sparkle when done well. We sing more. We cry at TV commercials – come on, the brother coming home and making coffee is a tear-jerker. We spend more time – hopefully – thinking about what the people we love appreciate and enjoy.  We get to know people in new ways at holiday parties.  We light more candles. I find myself reflective this time of year.

I won’t give that up, and I won’t burden this season with the way it changes my writing practice either.  For ’tis the season.  Sometimes hard. Sometimes absolutely beyond belief with joy.  But it only comes once a year, and I – for one -will treasure it.

Writing, I’ll see you in January.

How do you handle the holidays in terms of your writing? How do you feel about that? 

  • http://rebootingworship.com Jamie Kocur

    Oh my goodness, thank you for this. My writing has been practically nonexistent in recent weeks, mainly because my work schedule becomes insane this time of year and leaves me little room for free time or energy. I have felt guilty for not writing or at least trying to. But you’re so right, it’s the time to be with family and soak in all the wonderfulness that is this time of year.

    No more guilt for me.

  • http://www.lindawis.com Linda C. Wisniewski

    Andi, This is wonderful. Yes, let’s appreciate the holiday season and not feel guilty because we’re not writing, and not “blame” the holidays. We never know how many of these special times we’re going to get, and the writing will be there waiting for us in the dark, bleak winter months. Something to look forward to! I do journal almost every day during December, just because I feel odd if I don’t write at all.