Top Ten Ways to Advertise Your New Book

Thank you so much for all of you who subscribed to the blog or who bought God’s Whisper Manifesto yesterday on her birthday.  Thank you.  Thank you. 

Today, I’d like to suggest ten ways you can advertise your new book creatively and with greater or lesser effect. 

10.  Airplane Banner. Just think of how many sales you’ll generate while people sit waiting for football games to start or while lounging at the beach.

9. NASCAR Sponsor.  If you have a spare million, you can have millions of people watch your book cover turn left. . . you should hope for a crash; people pay more attention.

8. Character Costume. Imagine the main character from your book in a fuzzy, life-size costume handing out candy to children in parades or terrifying them when he removes his over-sized head.

7. Computer Hackers. Think of the name recognition your book will have if you hack into the Super Bowl broadcast or State of the Union address.

6. Used Political Signs. Put all those lingering Romney and Obama signs to use.  Slap up copies of your book cover. Prime locations there.

5. Dog Poop Bags. Corner the dog-owner market and capture their attention at a time when they’d rather think of anything but what they’re doing.

4. Vanity Plates. Come up with 100 7-letter ways to give your title. Then, promote the stuffing out of those. (Doubles as a profit maker, too.)

3. Craft Shows. Knit or crochet book and ebook holders and then use multiple of your own title as “demos.”

2. Canoe Advertising. These boats go slowly enough that anyone passing by can read a good 100-word description.  Just be sure it’s waterproof.

1. Ebook Displays. When at your nearest bookstore, switch all the ebooks on display to your book title.  (I may or may not have done this myself.)

0. Bonus Suggestion – Dog Sweaters. In the chillier months, have custom dog sweaters made with your cover on the top. Do make them chew-proof.

What suggestions do you have for creative ways to advertise your book? 


  • Shannon M. Howell

    I read a story about a guy who made some t-shirts with his picture on it. Some of his friends passed them out at their school. This guy ended up going/visiting there and most of campus knew who he was from the shirts.

    So… I’m thinking t-shirts for your friends with your cover on it. Lots of t-shirts. Give them out at colleges too. :)

  • Rachel

    Dog poop bags! Ha! 😀

    My Sunday Salon

  • Heidi Angell

    Those are clever! I laughed quite a bit! I had a friend who made t-shirts as well (he published a children’s book) and they were fabulous. My kids suckered me into buying them! He had the website of the book on the back and inserted a QR code in the artwork on the front. The QR code led to the Amazon page for the book.

    He also acts out the story at readings and the kids absolutely love it. The story is a tour of “Creepy Kitchen” so he walks them through a kitchen set up and pulls out demos of the characters. It is absolutely hilarious! He recorded his first gig and used it on Youtube instead of paying for a book trailer. Yeah, he sort of puts me to shame.

    I like making bookmarks for my books and randomly handing them out at the library, the mall, a bookstore and even the park. He took it one step further and created computer mice, bumper stickers and is working to create lunch boxes. He took a page out of George Lucas’ playbook 😉

    Our next con, my kids are dressing up as the narrator and his dog, and each are going to carry one of the monsters! They have totally gotten into the spirit of helping him market his book!